Environmental Info

Our Eco Credentials

As a vegan business we passionately care about the environment and reducing our impact as much as possible, which is why we are looking out for more ways to be even more eco-friendly. Listed below are our packaging contents and whether they are recyclable. The information listed is applicable to all size boxes. Please double check with your local council guidelines to check they accept the materials listed below.
Filled Bars Pouch:
Made from Natureflex. Compostable and Biodegradable. 
Filled Bars Pouch:
Remove plastic film to make it fully recyclable with paper. 
Selection Box lid & base
Biodegradable and recyclable. Manufactured from sustainable sources.
Insert tray
Selection box card insert & paper cups - Fully recyclable.
Gold PET trays - recyclable in most areas, check with  your local council. 
Cushion pad
Fully recyclable and biodegradable.
Tissue paper
Made from 100% recycled pulp fibres and fully recyclable.
Bubble wrap
Produced from one source of plastic making it fully recyclable.
Postal cardboard box
Made from a minimum of 75% recycled fibres and fully recyclable.
Please remove stickers and tape before placing any of the above items in your recycling!